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I did a little writing on how to keep going on your project if you are a creative. You can check it out here on indiewatch.net. I really see so much potential of people to add to the world creatively – art, music, writing, games, inventions, and others, but so many fall short because they stop before they are finished.

It’s a sad situation. The consistency of trying again and again, daily habits of just a little work, will make you get there. On the contrary, we have all been in the situation where we were so excited to see a project through to its end, that we become obsessed with it. We work, much to the sacrifice of all other things in our lives. This is typically how we get the reputation as artists or creative types. The world could be falling down around us. We have forgotten to eat. When did I shower last? When did I sleep last? Just a few more lines of text. A few more lines of code. A little more shading. Those are the magic moments. When you get a chance to get lost in your craft and come out the other side with something that you are proud of. It can never be taken away – it will always be in your portfolio, always be available to be enjoyed by the world.


Get lost in your craft!

I encourage you to find that place. I hope the article helps you find that place where you can get lost in your craft. I hope that one day I get to see it. I hope the world can enjoy it. Best of luck, kindred spirits!


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