Meet The Team

Tony – Writer/Producer


A true lover of the arts, Tony started writing and creating music at a very early age. At only 5 years old, he won his first award for a state competition in Young Authors. At the age of 7, he started taking piano lessons. Tony continued writing poetry, song lyrics and short stories throughout his life, and built a repertoire of musical skills playing additional instruments and styles. Guitar, Saxophone, electronic instrumentation, drums and more – Tony played in as many styles as he could find and eventually went to school for audio recording and production.  Temper his artistic side with having careers in the business world and you can see why Tony works as the producer – piecing together parts of the project and process to follow through to completion. With over 10 years of business management experience, working in both corporations, and his own businesses, Tony understands how to build projects, teams and create structure around even the toughest challenges. Tony loves RPGs from the NES and SNES eras, as well as modern narrative games.

If he isn’t writing or learning, he is probably listening to music, working on details of the project, or playing a round or two of DOTA2. He can be reached at –

You can find him at:




Becca – Artwork

Creating her first video game at the age of 11, Becca has been deeply entrenched in the growing world of indie game development since it first began. Over the years she has studied game art trends & techniques, mastering each new skill set and learning what it is the player wants to see most in a game.

Becca is classically trained in the art of figure drawing, university educated in architecture & interior design, and has over 3 years of garment design & construction experience. All her training comes together to yield convincing townscape designs, practical & plausible costumes in her concept art, and beautifully rendered backgrounds and tilesets made to integrate seamlessly into games.

Becca currently serves as the Creative Director at Twin Otter Studios where she directs design & creates all art assets for Arcadian Atlas, a Tactical RPG available on Mac, PC & Linux soon. You can find her at:






Taylor – Composer

Taylor Ambrosio Wood first discovered the joy of playing music with the Zimbabwean Marimba when she was 9 years old. Impassioned by Zimbabwean music, Taylor also began studying the mbira (a traditional Shona thumb piano) with Jan Christensen.

At age 15, she became an early entry undergraduate at Southern Oregon University and studied classical marimba, percussion, and music theory under Dr. Terry Longshore. During that time, she also studied classical marimba in Germany with Composer/Percussionist Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic.

At age 17, Taylor was accepted to The Boston Conservatory of Music where she studied music composition with Marti Epstein; percussion with Keith Aleo, Samuel Z. Solomon, and the late John Grimes; and marimba with famed marimbist Nancy Zelsman.

Taylor has won numerous awards including the Oregon State Mallet Championship (twice), the Sandra James Music Foundation Scholarship, and the Women in Music and Gaming Scholarship awarded by the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University. She currently teaches sound design and composition, and writes music for video games.

You can find her at:




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